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Browser Note

Browser Note is an iOS and macOS app that lets you add reminders and notes to webpages. Whether you're trying to break the habit of social media or remind yourself to order less from your local takeaway, Browser Note is a simple way to add a pause to think whilst you're browsing. Browser Note is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac on the App Store and contains no advertising, no tracking, and no in-app purchases.



I believe in your privacy so none of your data ever leaves your iCloud account and the app does not require an internet connection. There is no advertising or tracking of any kind. You can find out more in my Privacy Policy.


Browser Note is available on the App Store, does not require internet access, and contains no advertising or in-app purchases.

Browser Note will run on any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS 15.0 or greater and any Mac running macOS Monteray (12.0) or greater. It is optimised so that it looks great on all sizes of device.