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Chaise Longue to 5K Media Kit

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Chaise Longue to 5K is a fitness app that can be used at the same time as other apps such as video players thanks to its "Picture in Picture" implementation. In keeping with other "Couch to 5K" apps, it will help you build up your fitness level and stamina over a period of 9 weeks. Each week you'll do 3 runs with a day of rest inbetween. Each day is a combination of running and walking; you'll start with just 8 minutes of running interspersed with walking but eventually build up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted running (which is equivalent to a distance of 5km).


Origin Story

A little while ago, my chiropractor recommended that I take up the "Couch to 5K" program in order to improve my fitness in a way that wouldn’t see me literally running before I could walk. It was a huge success and I was able to lose a significant amount of weight and improve my overall health. Unfortunately, the 2020 lockdowns and the birth of a new child meant most of that effort was undone and I found myself once again needing to embark on a gradual increase in exercise.

One of the key features of Couch to 5K is that you do intermittent bursts of running and walking; for example, in the first week you’ll do three runs consisting of alternating 60 seconds of running (x8) and 90 seconds of walking (x7) sandwiched between a 5 minute warm up and cool down. To keep track of this, I used the free NHS Couch to 5K app which tells you what to do at each stage via an audio voiceover which also offers encouragement throughout your run. This worked well for me as I listened to music whilst doing my runs, but nowadays I prefer to run whilst watching TV shows or YouTube videos on an Apple TV in front of my treadmill. For this use case, audio interruption wasn’t necessarily what I wanted, especially as I was already vaguely familiar with the different run timings. Instead, I wanted an app on my Apple TV that could show me my run progress in a Picture in Picture window.

This led to the development of Chaise Longue to 5K, an Apple TV app designed specifically to showcase run timings via Picture in Picture so I could watch video at the same time. I also ported it to iPhone, iPad, and Mac where the same Picture in Picture support enables you to use other apps whether you're running on a treadmill or outdoors.

You can read a more geeky breakdown of exactly how the app was built on my personal weblog.


I believe in your privacy so none of your data ever leaves your device and the app does not require an internet connection. There is no advertising or tracking of any kind. You can find out more in my Privacy Policy.

Device Support

Chaise Longue to 5K will run on any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS 14.0 or greater, any Apple TV running tvOS 14.0 or greater, and any Mac running macOS Big Sur (11.0) or greater. It is optimised so that it looks great on all sizes and orientations of device.

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About Dodo Apps

Dodo Apps is the company name for freelance app developer Ben Dodson. Ben has been making iPhone apps since the introduction of the App Store in 2008. He has built a number of his own apps (which have been featured by Apple amongst others) as well as apps for clients ranging from worldwide brands to one-man startups. He has reached #1 in the App Store charts with several apps and has been featured on national television in the UK. In 2015, his award winning app WallaBee was successfully acquired by Munzee. You can learn more about Ben at and see his self-published apps at

Contact Information

Ben Dodson (Developer):
Twitter: @bendodson

If you would like a FaceTime call (or similar) to go through this app or any others in more detail, this can be arranged via email.

Promo codes or TestFlight invites are available upon request.

Version History


The app does what it set out to do with run timings shown in a Picture in Picture window. If there is any particular demand then I may add some audio cues to the app in the future but aside from that I feel it has everything it needs so the only items on the roadmap are maintenance fixes as new versions of iOS / tvOS / macOS are released.