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Pocket Rocket

We respect your privacy. For that reason, Pocket Rocket doesn't use your data or try and gain information about you via analytics. Nothing ever leaves your device or goes to any servers owned by 3rd parties or Dodo Apps.

We use your Pocket account in order to power the app. Authentication is done securely within Safari over HTTPS direct to Pocket's website; we never see your email address or password and we don't want to. Once you have logged in, we receive an OAuth token from Pocket which we use to make requests to their API in order to access your reading queue. We display this in the app and the data does not go through any intermediate servers and is not sent to us. Again, we are not interested in your content. When you want to archive or delete an article, we send a request to the Pocket API with the identifier of the article direct from your device so they can process it.

Pocket Rocket contains no advertising, tracking, analytics, or in-app purchases.