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Music Library Tracker

I respect your privacy. For that reason, Music Library Tracker doesn't use your data or try and gain information about you via analytics. By default, nothing ever leaves your device. No information about your device, music library, or any personal information is ever sent back to me and all processing of your library is done on your device.

If you enable notifications, I will be given a unique identifier from Apple (unlinkable to you) that will allow me to do two things

  1. I can send remote notifications known as "push notifications". You would typically be aware of these in things like iMessage or Mail whereby a server can send you a notification. I do not send any notifications of this type but I will send "silent push notifications" which wake the app up in the background so it can perform it's scanning to see if anything has changed in your library. You will never receive any visible notifications from my server.
  2. I can send local notifications. These are notifications that the app can schedule in advance and look exactly the same as push notifications. The difference is that they are able to work offline (i.e. you may have seen these when using the Clock app alarm or Reminders app). I will send these notifications, if you opt-in within the settings page, daily to tell you about changes in your app. You can choose between a "Summary Notification" which gives you changes to your tracks that occurred in the previous day and "Spatial Audio" notifications which will tell you which tracks have been upgraded to Spatial Audio.

I will never use notifications for marketing, spamming, or any other nonsense and I only send the summary notification and Spatial Audio notification once per day if something changed on the previous day. I never display any badges on the app icon.

If you opt-in to Spatial Audio scanning, the Apple Music identifiers of the tracks in your library are sent to my server. They are not stored and are used only long enough to match your tracks against the Spatial Audio tracks in my database (this typically takes less than 1 second). No personally identifiable information is ever sent.

Music Library Tracker contains no advertising, tracking, analytics, in-app purchases, or subscriptions.