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Music Library Tracker Support

If you run into any issues with Music Library Tracker, please contact me via email at:

I aim to get back to all emails within 48 hours.

If you are interested in having an app developed, please view the website of developer Ben Dodson for details.

Answers to common issues

Music Library Tracker is not updating in the background.

Please ensure you have push notifications enabled in your settings. Whilst Music Library Tracker can use Background App Refresh, this typically only works if you are opening the app on a regular basis. I always recommend enabling push notifications as it allows me to reliably wake up the app and trigger a scan of your library in the background.

Music Library Tracker isn't showing any changes.

First of all, please ensure you have push notifications enabled in order to activate automatic tracking. If that isn't working, please try a manual refresh by either pulling down on the opening screen (if using v1.2 or lower) or by tapping the refresh icon (in v1.3 and above). If that isn't working, please contact us ensuring you let me know what device you are using and how many songs are in your library. Please be aware that v1.3 fixes issues with older devices and larger libraries not updating correctly so ensure you have the latest version of Music Library Tracker installed from the App Store.

Does Music Library Tracker keep track of my playlists?

Not yet but we're looking into it.

Why can't Music Library Tracker give me changes prior to when I installed the app?

Music Library Tracker works by looking at your library and keeping a local copy of all the metadata. I then check periodically for any changes and alert you to them. Unfortunately the media library on the iPhone does not store a historical log nor does it store data about when the track was first added to your library so I can only show changes from the date you installed Music Library Tracker onwards.

Does Music Library Tracker work with Spotify?

No, Music Library Tracker only works with songs in the media library on your iPhone or iPad (whether they were imported manually or synced via iTunes Match, Apple Music, or iCloud Music Library).

When will Music Library Tracker be avaiable for Android?

It won't. I only build iOS apps.