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Music Library Tracker Media Kit

This page hopefully contains all of the details you may need for writing an article about Music Library Tracker. If you'd prefer a single file with all of this information, you can download my media kit in a zip file (21.9MB)


Music Library Tracker keeps an eye on your music library and monitors additions, deletions, and any changes to your songs. It can also tell you when tracks have been upgraded to Spatial Audio. With streaming becoming more popular, it is very easy for song metadata to change or for songs to disappear as licensing deals expire; with Music Library Tracker, you will always know when something in your library changes whether it was by you, a family member, or your streaming service.


Spatial Audio

The new Spatial Audio scanning feature is the result of several months of development and the largest database of Spatial Audio tracks outside of Apple itself.

I started monitoring for upgraded tracks back in June 2022 before releasing the Spatial Audio Finder, a website that lets you see which tracks of a particular artist have been upgraded. This was followed by the @NewSpatialAudio Twitter Page which tweets every time a track has been updated. Now, Music Library Tracker makes use of the same database to seamlessly match your library and show you which of your tracks are available in Spatial Audio; it can even generate a playlist for you containing those tracks.

You can learn more about my Spatial Audio database in this blog post.

For the avoidance of doubt, Spatial Audio refers to any track mastered in Dolby Audio (fixed Spatial Audio) or Dolby Atmos (head-tracked Spatial Audio).


Music Library Tracker contains no in-app purchases and does not require an internet connection. Spatial Audio scanning is opt-in as it requires the app to send the unique identifiers of each music track in your library. This information is used only to match songs containing Spatial Audio and is not stored for longer than is necessary to serve the request (typically under a second). No personally identifiable information is ever sent. This is covered in more detail at

Device Support

Music Library Tracker is compatible with all devices running iOS 15.0 or greater. It is optimised for Split View on iPad.

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