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Music Library Tracker

Music Library Tracker is an iPhone and iPad app that keeps an eye on your music library and monitors additions, deletions, and any changes to your songs. With streaming becoming more popular, it is very easy for song metadata to change or for songs to disappear as licensing deals expire; with Music Library Tracker, you will always know when something in your library changes whether it was by you, a family member, or your streaming service.

Music Library Tracker, available on the App Store

Automatic Monitoring

With automatic checking of your library, you can have peace of mind that if anything in your library changes, you'll know about it. Everything is stored locally so you can see a full history of your library changes from the date you install the app onwards. Every change is visible on a granular level so you can see exactly what was altered be it title, artist, album, genre, or rating.

Summary Notification

You can enable an optional summary notification in the app settings - this will send you a push notification in the morning if any changes were detected in your library on the previous day.

Universal App For iPhone / iPad

Music Library Tracker runs natively on both iPhone and iPad. In addition to the regular features of Music Library Tracker, the iPad version also runs in split-screen modes allowing you to quickly check on your library whilst performing other tasks.

Fully Native App

Music Library Tracker is built solely for iOS and is fully native. This makes it incredibly fast and fluid whilst enabling advanced features such as 3D Touch support along with "peek and pop" gestures. The app is fully optimised for all iOS screen sizes and orientations (including split screen modes and the newer iPhone X displays) and runs on iOS 10.0 and above. Due to the intensiveness of processing (especially with a large music library), Music Library Tracker requires a device with a 64-bit processor so will only run on the iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, iPad mini 2 and later, and on the iPad Pro.


With v1.6.0, Music Library Tracker is now compatible with the Shortcuts app and Siri enabling you to perform date range searches on the changes to your library. With this functionality it is possible to create shortcuts such as "Hey Siri, how many tracks have been deleted this week" or to get a full break down of additions, changes, and deletions between two dates which you can then use with other apps. For full details of how to use this, check out my page on automation with Music Library Tracker.


Music Library Tracker contains no in-app purchases and does not require an internet connection; I believe in your privacy so none of your library data ever leaves your device. I were also instrumental in getting Apple to add privacy controls for the media library to iOS 10. You can find out more in my Privacy Policy.


"While this is useful for those who like to monitor content and changes made manually to a music library to keep personal logs, it's perhaps best suited to Apple Music subscribers. There are instances where content available through the Apple Music service is deleted or changed due to licensing issues with record labels, and this app will allow users to keep track of potential deletions to replace missing music."MacRumors

"iTunes doesn’t have an easy method to track 'lost' tracks, and dedicating all that time to managing music can be quite a nuisance. Music Library Tracker can handle all the additions, deletions and metadata changes without any user input. Its granularity is what really sells it for me. I download a lot of music from varying artist sources (Soundcloud and ToneDen for example), and I usually just add it into iTunes to change the metadata at a later date. Being able to confirm that the song’s metadata was changed and the track was not deleted helps put me at ease."9to5Mac

"I had been hoping to find an app such as this after being frustrated by certain tracks becoming unavailable or disappearing completely from Beats/Apple Music over time. Thanks to the dev for whipping this up." – App Store Review

"Absolutely love this app. Unfortunately due to the unreliability of Apples music app, this app is now absolutely necessary for those who have music vanish regularly and want to know what's happening to their music library." – App Store Review

"The App is reliable and completely 'silent'. Anyone looking for information about the changes, in particular with Apple Music, is recommended this app." – App Store Review (translated from German)


Music Library Tracker is available on the App Store priced at $2.99 / £2.99.

Music Library Tracker, available on the App Store

Media Kit

If you are interested in reviewing or writing about Music Library Tracker, please take a look at my online Media Kit. It contains more information about the app along with screenshots (for all device sizes), icons (square, rounded, and circular), and mockup photos (showing the app in various real world situations or on neutral backgrounds). Alternatively, you can download the media kit as a zip file (7.6MB) which contains all of the information in a PDF and directories for each subset of images.